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Privacy Policy - last modified:  9/22/2012
The parties involved in this document are you (the site visitor) herein referred to as "you" and the website (BlockReport.NET, BlockReport, and its affiliates) herein referred to as "BlockReport", "BlockReport.NET", "us", "we", and "our".

This privacy policy serves to identify all information that we collect about you and how that information is stored and used.

What we collect
We collect your IP address, hostname, internet browser name and version, your operating system name and version, your city, state, and country.  Any information you voluntarily provide through use of our services and website, such as but not limited to, your email address and name, is also collected.  Passive collection of information, such as referrer URLs and information provided through page headers may also be stored.

How we store your information
We store your information securely within adequately secured databases on our systems.

How we use your information
We use your information for surveying and counting traffic and types of traffic visiting our services and website.  Your information is also recorded for use in securing our services in the event malicious activity is detected.

Use of your email address
We will only use your email address for reasons specified when supplying your email address.  For example, our removal page allows users to remove their IP address from our lists when it is incorrectly included.  This page requires an email address to be supplied.  We will only contact you through your email for the services or queries referenced or required.

Distribution of your information
We will never sell or distribute your email address or personal information to any third party.  Your IP address and hostname will only be provided or identified when malicious activity is discovered.  If malicious activity is discovered, your IP address, hostname, city, state, and country will be disclosed through our block lists per our website.

Changes or amendments to this policy
We reserve the right to change or amend this privacy policy at any time for any reason without notification to you or any user or site visitor.  For your benefit we have included a "last modified date" at the top of this page.

Termination of our services or website
We reserve the right to terminate this agreement, our services, blocklists, or website without notification at any time for any reason.

How to request your information or remove/modify it
If you would like to retrieve, modify, or remove the information we have collected from you, please email remove@blockreport.net with your inquiry.




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