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LEGAL STATEMENT and AGREEMENT - last modified:  9/22/2012
The parties involved in this agreement are you (the site visitor) herein referred to as "you" and the website (BlockReport.NET, BlockReport, and its affiliates) herein referred to as "BlockReport", "BlockReport.NET", "us", "we", and "our".

This legal statement/agreement serves to identify all conditions and agreements that must be agreed to before accessing our lists or website.  Please carefully read all sections and conditions of this statement/agreement.

Your use of our website or block lists certifies that you have read and agree to all sections of this statement/agreement and affirms your commitment to follow all conditions.  If you do not agree to all terms found within this statement/agreement or do not agree to be bound by them, please immediately leave this website and do not use or access our block lists.  If you are unsure or do not understand the conditions found within this statement/agreement, please contact support@blockreport.net with your questions or concerns.

This agreement does not expire and is intended to be enforceable for the entire duration of your use of our website, services, and blocklists.

Use of our lists
You may download, reference, search, print, or include our lists in other lists under certain conditions:

  1. Any redistribution or publication of our block lists must link back to our website: blockreport.net;
  2. You may not use this list for purposes that violate State or Federal laws or sections of this legal statement/agreement;
  3. Any use of our lists is at your own risk;
  4. And you agree to all sections and conditions of this agreement.


Your own risk
Your use of our block lists is at your own risk.  BlockReport.NET, BlockReport, and its affiliates, are not responsible for any consequence of your use of our lists or the incorporation of our lists in any subsequent list or networking device or software program.

This list of warnings is not exhaustive or by any means complete.

Implementation or incorporation of our lists into your own lists or networking devices or programs may potentially restrict or block your own access or it may potentially restrict or block legitimate users' access.  It is strongly recommended that you carefully review our lists before incorporating it or any portion of it into any of your devices, lists, or programs.  Only users adequately experienced with networking protocols should attempt to make use of our block lists.

Our lists of IP addresses and hostnames are associated with users or bots that have been identified as malicious.  It is therefore strongly urged to use caution when dealing with our lists.  Any attempt to query, connect, or communicate with the users, IPs, or hostnames located in our lists is strongly discouraged and should never be attempted.  BlockReport, BlockReport.NET, and its affiliates are not responsible for any consequence of attempting to query, connect, communicate, or otherwise utilize the content of our lists.  All use of our lists are at your own risk.

Purpose of BlockReport.NET
Our block lists are generated for the purpose of identifying known attackers and malicious users. BlockReport, BlockReport.NET, and its affiliates do not assert or claim that the block lists will ensure any additional security to your systems, programs, projects, devices, or networks.  Any use of our lists is at your own risk and any use of our lists should not assume any additional or added security or peace of mind with your systems, programs, projects, devices, or networks.

Accidental inclusion or incorrect inclusion
It may be possible that users, IP addresses, or hostnames that are not associated with malicious activity are included within our lists.  If any of your IP addresses are incorrectly located within our lists, please visit http://blockreport.net/remove.htm so we can investigate why your IP address was added to our lists and remove your entry if possible.  If our investigation concludes that your IP address was in fact associated with malicious activity, we reserve the right to continue to include or remove your IP address/hostname in(from) our lists.

Our lists are updated automatically by several servers and networks across the web and are not actively monitored, reviewed, or verified for accuracy.  Therefore, we do not guarantee or warranty the accuracy or completeness of our lists.

If any portion of this agreement is breached or becomes unenforceable, the remaining portions and conditions remain in full effect.

Our lists are provided for the sole purpose of identification of attackers and malicious users.  Our block lists are not exhaustive and should not be taken as a comprehensive or complete list of all attackers or malicious users.  Our lists are simply a non-exhaustive and incomplete gathering of IP addresses, hostnames, and users that our networks and servers, our affiliates' networks and servers, and other third party lists have detected and identified.  Our lists are provided as-is without any warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.  We do not guarantee or warranty that our block lists are accurate or complete.  Therefore, you agree to take the full risk, liability, and responsibility while using our website, services, and block lists.

Changes or amendments to this agreement
We reserve the right to change or amend this statement/agreement at any time for any reason without notification to you or any user or site visitor.  For your benefit we have included a "last modified date" at the top of this statement/agreement.

Termination of our services or website
We reserve the right to terminate this agreement, our services, blocklists, or website without notification at any time for any reason.

The headings supplied in this statement/agreement are intended for quick identification of the sections of this agreement and are in no way binding to this agreement.  This statement/agreement is comprised of all the information and conditions found within this document and must be agreed upon, in full, before you may utilize our services, block lists, or website.




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